We Make ice cream

Nikolai ice cream is named after Nikolai I who was the founder of Joensuu city in a year 1848.

All the Nikolai ice creams are made in Joensuu with our own recepies. Nothing in our product line comes by accident. We make everything from the top to bottom with great passion and love to the best outcome. Every product is unique.

All our artisan ice creams are lactose free and sorbets milk free. We use Finnish milk and cream and all the best ingredients like domestic berries. Sorbets are made from domestic berries and fresh fruits. Our ice creams include less fat than ordinary ice cream, because it’s mostly based on milk.

In summertime you can find Nikolai ice cream sold in old wooden kiosk at Joensuu’s Vapaudenpuisto. You can also order our ice cream for different kind of happenings and for companies.



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We also sell our self crafted ice cream and sorbet to restaurants, cafes and events.


Vapaudenpuisto, Joensuu